Importance of Fashion Illustrations

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Fashion illustrations good ways of showing an item of clothing by a designer or illustrators. Fashion Illustrations Importance – These are quite different from traditional pictures i.e. the face may not be real, and the bodies in some of those portraits are usually elongated. This help brings more interesting look into the illustrations, and lay more emphasis on the dress.

Illustrations have played a crucial part since the evolution of fashion designing and in the various sectors serving on educating about illustration, play the lead role and via illustrations the practitioners have a wider scope and imagination about fashion designing. It’s just a form of art by which fashion is usually illustrated or explained.

Below are various reasons why fashion illustration is important to fashion design:

Fashion Illustrations Importance #1:

Freedom For the designers to portray fashion as they wish

Fashion Illustration enough options design what they wish. Unlike the traditional fashion design, there are fewer rooms for illustrations which show their artistic idea compared to their sewing skills. It is the mainly the illustration of fashion designs through sketches.

In fashion illustrations the part of the body from head to crotch are the same, while few length is added to the legs to give an amazing style that help the illustration appeal to the viewers. The body is illustrated to be long. But it also depends on the illustrator style of design. Every fashion illustrator has his or her own style.

The body can be made to look out of proportion, and the legs tend to be longer than it’s normally. Waist may look, while the face may be made to look longer. All the part of the body is simply exaggerated.

It’s good to note that for your customers to visualize your design, you will need to illustrate it.

Fashion Illustrations Importance #2:

It’s a great way to showcase your work

To be a great fashion designer or illustrator is to make as much sales as possible, and if you really want prospective customers to see your work illustration will be a good way to do that. Because no one will knock on your door or send you a message to buy anything from you except they can see it out there via your illustrations. This signifies that combining the social media and various illustrations will give you the estimated views and sales you want.

Marketing online with your illustration will a good way to show your works because, we tend to love what we can see and be more emotional attached it, thereby driving more customers and sales at the end of the day.

Fashion Illustrations Importance #3:

The illustration can help bring the design we have in our mind to live

What more can you ask for than an illustration that will help your customer visualize the design they want. A wee illustrated design will help customers come up with the type of style they will really want.

But a good illustration will provide your customers the right measurement of the cloth they will likely like you want you to design for them. A fashion illustration can be a guide to your prospective customers to know what style a cloth can be used for. Based on the illustration, the fashion designer can come up with the average cost of all the design for a particular job.

Fashion Illustrations Importance #4:

Illustration plays a crucial role in the evolution of fashion

Illustrations have been an important part for the evolution of fashion and in the most institutions that is teaching about fashion illustration, help to change the way things are been done in the old or traditional way of design to the new fashion illustration. It’s a form of art that help illustrate and communicate an idea with a computer programs.

Fashion Illustrations Importance #5:

Illustration has become the new face of fashion design

Fashion illustration has become the new face of fashion design, which makes them flourish in recent time. Because illustration present us with what your cloth will look like and the different point of view about the cloth. But with little image manipulation, there is no difference between the traditional photography and the fashion illustration.

As of today most of the illustrations around have easily make the style and design of clothing more in art form than the traditional fashion photography.

As a fashion designer, your number one interest should be to get prospective customers love your illustration for a design. If you provide your customers an illustration for them to see what they will likely want to be designed, the probability of them been interested in what you illustrated  tends to be higher than a fashion designer that don’t use an illustration. Allowing your prospective customers to visualize the various illustrations they want as a style will compel them to be emotionally attached to such illustration thereby helping you to make more sales as a fashion designer.

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